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When Ross Andrew Paquette founded email service provider Maropost in 2011, he never expected it to take off.

“The plan was to have 10 customers and maybe sit by the pool a little more often than not,” he says with a laugh.

But since then, he’s scaled the company to nine figures, with an impressive customer list that includes DigitalMarketer, Livestrong, and The New York Post. And beyond email marketing, Maropost has expanded into customer acquisition and ecommerce solutions.

These are extremely crowded markets, but at the core of the company’s success is its strong commitment to excellent customer service, with heavy emphasis on a 24-hour in-app live chat and five-minute support response times.

We chatted with Paquette to learn the strategies he used to so impressively grow his SaaS company in a short amount of time.

Key Takeaways

  • How Maropost got started
  • The crazy story behind how Paquette met his co-founder
  • How Maropost has expanded from email marketing to customer lead acquisition, mobile push notifications, CRM, and more
  • How long it took to build the first version of Maropost
  • What makes Maropost different from other ESPs
  • The strong customer support focus of the business
  • Why they focus on building a great organization, not just hitting numbers and growth
  • Where he sees the SaaS market moving in the future
  • Why he’s focused on building a legacy with his business
  • What exciting projects are in store for Maropost
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