The Foundr Podcast with Nathan Chan

Success doesn’t happen overnight.

This is something Foundr CEO Nathan Chan knows all too well. Before he started his business, Nathan was in a common predicament: he hated his job and he had no idea what career path to take. It took many steps to plant the seed that eventually became Foundr.

Even then, it wasn’t an easy path forward. He stayed in his job long after starting Foundr, and at one point, Nathan even launched a webinar from his parents’ basement. There was no magic involved—only hard work, strategic decisions, and many lessons learned.

In this video interview, Dave Hobson, our Head of Growth and Marketing and one of the first to join the Foundr team, has a raw conversation with Nathan about his journey to building a global brand. Nathan opens up about what it took to get Foundr off the ground, shares the key takeaways he picked up along the way, and reveals the nitty gritty details around how he turned a webinar presentation he hacked together into a multimillion-dollar product.

This episode is chock-full of sage advice, life lessons, and even an embarrassing story or two from our CEO’s humble beginnings that you’ll definitely want to hear.

Key Takeaways

  • How Nathan went from working at an IT job he hated to launching a digital magazine
  • The steps Nathan followed to turn a webinar presentation to a multimillion-dollar digital product
  • How falling into the trap of seeking perfection will prevent you from reaching your goals
  • The difference between “painkiller” and “vitamin” products
  • Why it’s so critical to build an audience and test your ideas first
  • How to use concepts like “a thousand true fans” and the “Oprah strategy” to create a successful business
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