The Foundr Podcast with Nathan Chan

What do you get when you mix Daymond John, cozy toes, and a charitable mission? 




That's right, you get the world's best sock company. 


Foundr CEO Nathan Chan recently sat down with Randy Goldberg and David Heath to learn how Bombas went from a growing ecommerce business to a Shark Tank sensation.


Randy and David talk about growing Bombas from heel to toe, including:


  • Why they bootstrapped as long as possible
  • How preparing for Shark Tank helped them boost their business—even before they got a little TV fame
  • The best advice Daymond John has given them
  • How an authentic, compelling mission inspires loyal customers and employees
  • The biggest mistake ecommerce entrepreneurs make
  • Why they're excited about the future of Bombas


If you're an ecommerce entrepreneur or just a sock-loving fan, this interview is a must. 

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