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Prerna Gupta is a serial entrepreneur who entered the tech spotlight when her Songify app hit #1 in the app store. She’s gone on to co-found several startups focused on music, dating, and short stories, and in 2011 Fast Company named her one of the most influential women in technology. She hasn’t slowed down since.  


Gupta is currently the CEO of Telepathic Inc., which developed the Hooked app. Hooked boasts a list of star-studded investors including Lebron James, Steph Curry, Ashton Kutcher, Jamie Fox, and more. They’re betting on Gupta to disrupt the entire story industry. 


We chatted with Gupta about some of her biggest entrepreneurial lessons to date, including: 


  • How capitalizing on your success may not look like the typical path
  • Why taking an unexpected path could lead to your next innovation 
  • How putting yourself out there can create life-changing opportunities
  • Why you should use an inner barometer to measure the merit of your own ideas
  • Why resilience is key to finding success in the founder life

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