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It’s time to get the facts straight on how you can make money selling on Amazon. Scott Needham, founder of SmartScout and co-founder of BuyBoxer, shares how he built a top 25 worldwide Amazon seller and what practical steps you can take to grow your business on the platform. 


In this episode of the Foundr podcast, Nathan Chan chats with Scott to discuss:

  • Why Scott says selling on Amazon is the “Easiest, hardest thing to do” 
  • How he’s sold $250 million worth of products on Amazon
  • How Scott selects a product or category to sell on Amazon
  • A step-by-step case study on selling kids yoga mats
  • Why customers are already searching for your brand on Amazon.
  • The limitations of Amazon when it comes to customer data, upselling, and retargeting
  • And much more...

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