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Want to create successful YouTube ad campaigns? Of course you do! 

YouTube boasts an audience of two billion (yes, billion) monthly users. The right ads can help you reach a big audience, build relationships with prospects, and enjoy a stellar return on ad spend (ROAS). 

If you need help getting started, this episode of the Foundr podcast will empower you to reap the benefits of YouTube advertising. Foundr’s Nathan Chan sat down with Tom Breeze, founder and CEO of the YouTube ads agency Viewability. Breeze has made a career out of crafting thousands of successful ad campaigns for high-profile clients. And he generously agreed to share his strategies with the Foundr community. 

Breeze joined Nathan to talk about: 

  • The “Four A’s” that you need to consider while crafting your YouTube ad strategy 
  • The three key elements that make up a solid YouTube ad campaign 
  • Why YouTube is more stable than other social media channels 
  • Whether or not your video ads need to be big-budget productions 
  • The key factors that will position your brand for lasting success on YouTube 
  • Why he’s so excited about the future of YouTube ads


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