The Foundr Podcast with Nathan Chan

After going bankrupt and losing his business, Aaron Marino launched a men’s lifestyle YouTube channel in 2008. Now he has over 6 million subscribers and is building his channel through sponsorships and ecommerce. 


​​Aaron is obsessed with optimizing his videos for YouTube and continues to test and tune to grow his audience. Now he’s ready to share what he’s learned.  


​​Aaron joined Foundr CEO Nathan Chan to talk about:

  • Why thumbnails are the most important part of a YouTube video
  • Why giving value up front keeps people watching 
  • Why click-through-rate and watch time are the most important metrics for creators
  • Why being a YouTube creator is like playing golf
  • The worst mistake a creator can make 
  • How Aaron became a more authentic version of himself on camera
  • And much more...


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