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JSHealth is one of the fastest-growing companies in Australia and sells a bottle of vitamins every 20 seconds. But for founder Jessica Sepel, JSHealth’s success is defined by how its products and philosophy change the lives of its customers. 


JSHealth began as a health and recipe blog Jessica started at university while studying nutrition. The blog's success led to a book deal, content platform, and ecommerce business. Alongside her husband and CEO, Dean Steingold, Jessica is scaling her brand through vulnerability, honesty, and listening to JSHealth's powerful community. 


Listen to Nathan Chan discuss with Jessica and Dean about:

  • How 90% of their staff came from their community
  • Creating the “JSHealthGirls” ambassador program
  • Gaining 17,000 verified reviews on their product pages 
  • Starting a UK office remotely during the pandemic 
  • The pressure on female founders to perform in everything they do
  • How to scale by overcoming challenges
  • And much more...


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