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Adam D'Angelo was on the frontlines of the internet-startup boom. A passion for programming, which began in middle school, led him to work at Facebook in 2005 and launch Quora in 2009. Quora is a question and answer site that has 300 million visitors a month. He's experienced the highs and lows of the ever-evolving industry but is still motivated to use his skill set to give back to the world.


In this episode, Nathan Chan chats with Adam about: 

  • Going to high school with Mark Zuckerberg and becoming Facebook’s Chief Technology Officer
  • Why the day after Halloween was the most challenging day for engineers at Facebook
  • The decision-making process to leave Facebook and eventually start Quora 
  • Reorienting Quora on reuse of answers rather than just ask and answer
  • Building momentum from a community of the early-adopters 
  • Why it’s important to invest and think long term

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