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If you’ve never heard of Derral Eves, you’ve probably watched one of his hundreds of viral videos on YouTube. Derral currently owns 19 YouTube channels with “Gold Play Buttons” and collaborates with record-breaking YouTubers like Mr. Beast. 


Eves is a lifelong learner and created VidSummit 8 years ago as a conference specialized for YouTube professionals. He also has a book called The YouTube Formula, which reveals the proven strategies that have made his YouTube videos successful. 


Listen to Nathan and Derral discuss: 

  • Discovering YouTube on Craigslist in 2005
  • Breaking the all-time TV and film crowdfunding record with The Chosen 
  • Meeting YouTuber Mr. Beast and becoming collaborators
  • Hot takes on Star Wars and how it applies to nurturing an audience
  • Understanding the ideal viewer and how to increase retention rate
  • Tactfully growing an audience instead of just being “on” the platform
  • And much more...



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