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Reid Hoffman needs little introduction. He’s the cofounder of LinkedIn, former PayPal executive, author, podcaster, mentor, and all-around standout personality in the entrepreneurial world. His podcast Masters of Scale is one of the most successful business podcasts on the planet and he’s recently launched a book of the same name which curates the hundreds of interviews from the show into practicable business wisdom. 


In this episode, listen to Nathan chat with Reid about: 

  • What inspired the Masters of Scale podcast and the book
  • The importance of entrepreneurs to “always be learning” 
  • Why balance is a mistaken goal for entrepreneurs
  • What he thinks Elon Musk’s superpower is
  • His intense period as an executive at the “PayPal Mafia” 
  • Why he started LinkedIn instead of taking a year off
  • And much more scaling and entrepreneurship advice…



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