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After 125 failed pitch meetings in 6 months, Jason Wilk was almost out of funding and running on fumes. Then one investor wrote him a $10 million check because he believed Jason's team. 


Jason Wilk is the cofounder of Dave, the largest financial wellness platform in the U.S. with over 10M users. After a lifelong career of building businesses, Jason is at the forefront of a company disrupting the traditional banking system. 


Listen to Nathan and Jason chat about: 

  • The business Jason started at age 20 
  • Joining the YCombinator accelerator program 
  • How Jason built confidence to take on the banking system 
  • Why Mark Cuban became an initial shareholder in Dave 
  • Dave's 1-for-1 tip model with Feeding America
  • The importance of hiring people that can recruit talent 
  • How Dave became a public company in less than 5 years
  • Why you shouldn't chase ideas but pursue a passion
  • And much more startup advice...



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