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Bobby Hundreds started his entrepreneurial journey by creating a purpose and community through The Hundreds streetwear brand. Now, Bobby is taking his brand culture mindset to the world of NFTs with the project Adam Bomb Squad. 


From writing his book This is Not a T-Shirt to building one of the most successful streetwear brands, Bobby continues to have an education-first mindset to his projects. Through Adam Bomb Squad, Bobby invites his community into NFTs with patience, trust, and understanding. So if you're new to (or scared) of crypto and the metaverse, don't worry. Bobby was in your shoes 2 years ago and is ready to bring you along the journey to understanding how NFTs can help elevate your brand. 


Listen to Nathan and Bobby discuss: 

  • The validation of seeing his first-ever hoodie worn at the mall
  • Why the best brands act like the best of friends
  • How one confusing Tweet led to an onboarding journey to NFT
  • Why NFTs are the "Trojan Horse" of crypto adoption 
  • Why Adam Bomb Squad launched with a 25,000 collection of NFTs instead of 10,000.
  • Spending 4 months educating The Hundreds community about NFTs before launching their project
  • The unforeseen challenges due to the fast-changing trends and pace of NFT culture 
  • While you'll never have time to build if you don't stop and observe
  • And much more brand and NFT advice...



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