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Tyler Handley and his brother started Inkbox to discover if they could make temporary tattoos better. After a research trip to Panama, a successful Kickstarter campaign, lots of chemistry, and 7 years of brand-building, Inkbox has become standard for semi-permanent tattoos generating $30M in revenue per year. Recently, Bic acquired the brand for $65M, which will help bring Inkbox to an international market and beyond. 


Listen to Tyler and Nathan discuss: 

  • How Inkbox started from $10K that a friend inherited
  • Visiting Panamanian tribes who use fruit die in ceremonial body art
  • Why they hired a chemist to extract a molecule
  • The dynamic of working with his brother Braden
  • How they raised $1.2M through a Kickstarter campaign
  • Adding the tattoo customization and working with 650 different artists to create designs 
  • Collaborations with BTS, Post Malone, and poet Rupi Kaur
  • And much more direct-to-consumer startup advice…



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