The Foundr Podcast with Nathan Chan

Dee Deng, cofounder of Right Hook, returns to the podcast to discuss his new foundr course Ignite Your Digital Agency. In the new course, Dee will share his blueprints on how to serve a small group of high-paying and happy clients while being highly profitable at the same time.


Right Hook is a digital marketing agency that went from zero to $250,000 in profit in its first year of business. Now the agency has over 115 employees across the globe. 


Listen to Dee and Nathan discuss: 

  • Step-by-step advice to build your agency from scratch
  • His “sales machine” that attracts quality clients daily
  • His “client delight system” for making your clients love you
  • How to scale your client load and revenue without “breaking” your business
  • How you sign up for a free course taught by Dee
  • And much more agency advice…

Want to learn how to turn your 'One Person Shop' into a highly profitable & sustainable digital agency? Sign-up now, to take your business to the next level...


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