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Marco Zappacosta's only professional job has been the cofounder and CEO of Thumbtack. Marco started the home services matchmaking website straight out of university with a dream to find a better solution of hiring a plumber. Since 2009, Thumbtack has raised half a billion dollars in funding and gone from 2 to 1,000 employees. But Thumbtack's success came from years of struggle to discover their perfect market fit. 


Listen to Nathan and Marco discuss: 

  • Thumbtack's first users on both sides of the marketplace
  • Enticing pros by creating stylized Craiglist ads
  • The importance of telling the dream and data to investors
  • Why investors are thinking about other investors
  • Why getting a meeting is the easy part of fundraising 
  • The difference between bootstrapped and VC businesses 
  • Seeing values as the best version of your company 
  • Creating "libraries" for their fully-remote workplace
  • And much more VC and remote work advice…



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