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Are you ready to leverage the popularity of TikTok to grow your business? Gerardo Perez is the founder of Marketing&, one of the world's leading digital agencies focused on driving paid results on TikTok. Gerardo has 11.2M likes, 323,000 followers, and generated over 100M organic views. He's spent more than $2M in advertising on the platform and is ready to share his strategies with you. 


Listen to Nathan and Gerardo deep-dive on:

  • The rise of his marketing agency Marketing&
  • Examples of dramatic results for his clients 
  • Why it's a good time to start investing in TikTok ads 
  • The unique language of TikTok content 
  • Creating native content on TikTok 
  • Producing creative entirely on mobile 
  • TikTok's targeting capabilities 
  • Why brands should still post organic content 
  • TikTok trends and their attachment to audio 
  • Researching the TikTok ad library
  • Mix and match creative 
  • And much more TikTok ad strategiesā€¦


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