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Jen Proctor loved being a performer. But when her dream to be a professional singer ended, she pledged to be a good person in the entertainment industry, something she knew wasn't a given. So in 2015, she launched her agency Cultivated Entertainment and works with clients like Meta, Pharrell, Drew Barrymore, the Obama Foundation, Stand Up for Cancer, and the Primetime Emmy Awards. She's built her agency based on the vision of seeing a need and filling it. So if you're interested in working with talent from actors to TikTok stars, this episode is for you. 


Listen to Nathan and Jen discuss:

  • Her early career as a field producer at Fox
  • Why everything is an emergency in the entertainment industry
  • Cultivating a superpower around talent
  • Myths about working with celebrities and talent
  • Why honesty is an essential part of relationship building
  • Why she'll never forget an hour she had with Betty White 
  • Working on the Dear Class of 2020 project with the Obama's 
  • Negotiating and talent search tips  
  • The three gatekeepers of celebrity talent
  • Short-lead versus long-lead talent
  • And much more talent relations strategiesā€¦




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