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Airtasker is Australia's #1 marketplace for local services. Over the past decade, they've acquired more than 4.3M registered users, built a worth of $255M, created a $1.7B value of job opportunities, and went public. But founder Tim Fung still feels the pains from the first 3 years, when everything he assumed about the business was wrong. He's learned that through the victories and failures of scaling a startup, remaining focused on providing value over profit is what lasts. 


Listen to Nathan and Tim discuss: 

  • The importance of going all-in on a startup
  • Starting a business with 2 marketplaces 
  • The 90-day wakeup call for founders 
  • Inspiring users to use your product
  • Sharing problems with your team
  • Not putting off hard decisions
  • Building a feedback muscle within your business
  • And much more startup advice…



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