The Foundr Podcast with Nathan Chan

Today's episode is a little different than most, but as always it is one not to be missed.


If you've ever wondered how to harness the power of Email Marketing, this one will not only be an massive eye opener of what's possible, but also a sure fire way for you to quickly understand what you need to do, to sell your products/services on automation with Email Marketing.


We sit down with Micah Mitchell who is an Infusionsoft master, co-founder of a popular Membership SaaS (Memberium), and also knows a lot about creating and profiting with online courses.


In this episode you will learn:

  • What is Email Automation and how it can EXPLODE your business
  • How to create profitable online courses
  • An intro into how to nurture leads, and convert prospective customers into sales with Email marketing
  • How membership sites work and how you can tap into this multi-billion dollar educational industry
  • Email Marketing and funnels
  • What to do when someone steals your business idea
  • What is Fear/Loss/ & Greed when nurturing leads
  • How to create a profitable SaaS
  • & So much more!


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