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It’s 4pm. You’re slumped in your chair, your eyelids are drooping, your head is sagging. You’re at work, and any mental activity feels like you’re wading through a swamp of molasses. Have you ever stopped to wonder why you’re so tired, or why some days you just don’t get anything done? For even the most successful people in the world, this is not a rare sensation. If you’ve ever felt a little more sluggish, more lethargic, more tired, and less productive than you want to be, you’re not alone. And the good news is, thanks to Dave Asprey’s inroads in the field of bio-hacking, you won’t have to feel that way for much longer. 


When we spoke with the affable Dave Asprey, he was the font of all knowledge on productivity, e-commerce, and entrepreneurial innovation. A millionaire by the age of 26, Dave Asprey is a Silicon Valley investor and entrepreneur who invented the juggernaut of ecommerce. Oh, and he’s also a pioneer in self-directed transhumanism. Simply put, he’s a bio-hacker. He’s spent fifteen years and a quarter of a million dollars hacking his own biology. He's ‘upgraded’ his brain by more than 20 IQ points, lowered his biological age, and lost over a hundred pounds in weight with minimal exercise. His goal? To maximize the performance of the human body and mind, transcending traditional limits. And his results are startling to say the least. 


Dave’s journey began when he was the first person to sell something over the internet. When asked as to whether he was one of the first, Dave corrects: “I don't think I was one of ‘the first', I think I was the first person to do ecommerce.” Quite a claim, but one that is supported. Dave modestly asserts this wasn’t out of sheer Steve Jobs-like genius or insight. He maintains that his experiments in the formation of ecommerce were out of necessity. As a student working at ice-cream retailer Baskin Robbins, Dave’s college increased the cost of his computer science tuition by 1500%. “I realized I couldn't afford to go to school so I had to do something”, he says. His answer? Start a T-shirt company. “I sold ‘caffeine’ T-shirts to twelve countries out of my dorm room,” he says. “There was no web browser, so this was on a part of the Internet called Usenet.” Asprey claims it was “just a different way of thinking about the whole problem of connecting with your community.” But if you think T-shirts is how this aspirational computer scientist cracked his first mil, you’d be mistaken. “I would have loved that if the T-shirts made me a million dollars,” he says. “They didn't come anywhere close to it. But they did pay for my school.” At the time, Asprey had an inkling that the Internet was going to be the next big thing. So he followed his gut and went to the global hub of all things technological: Silicon Valley. 


In this interview you will learn:

-Dave'slife as an entrepreneur and how he got started - how he became a millionaire by the time he was 26 - first person to sell something online

-bio-hacking - how it all started

-Lessons learnt, as an advisor to extremely successful companies and startups

-Super charging your body, upgrading your brain

-How do you manage your time so effectively

-Biggest breakthrough in all Dave's testing and hacking, biggest bio hack wow moment

-Craziest thing Dave has done in his experimentation

-The bullet proof life -The diet, how to obtain the best mental performance

-limitless sleeping, and increasing your creativity

-how did bullet proof coffee come about

-How to become a more powerful entrepreneur by upgrading your biology

-smart drugs, and tools used

-First steps of action entrepreneurs can take today to increase their productivity - top 3 tools / hacks


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