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Forget everything you know, and everything you think you know, about starting a startup.

If Andy Sheats' success with tells us anything — and let's be clear, when you're bringing in $100 million in revenue within three years of launch, you're a success — it's that to be an entrepreneur, you need to think of yourself as everything but an entrepreneur.


Sure, an Internet search of the phrase "how to start a business" would tell you otherwise. But the numbers speak for themselves. Doing things the Andy Sheats way might just be the path to victory that every startup founder is looking to find. So just what is the Andy Sheats way?


In this interview you will learn:


- The secret to Andy's success with

- How to evaluate your startup idea

- Achieving rapid growth on a mass scale

- How to handle growth (quality problem to have)

- The key questions you need to ask yourself when starting a business

- & Much more!


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