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“What's the relationship-minded way that we can make cool stuff happen on the web?”

“How do we use all these digital tools to be human at a distance?”

“How do we make people feel like they're cared for and treated well, and how does that translate into revenue for companies?”

Chris Brogan has big questions. He also has answers for those questions – answers that inform his own business endeavors and the efforts of companies that he has consulted for. This isn't middle-tier dabbling. Brogan has worked with big names like Disney, Motorola, Coke, Pepsico, Microsoft, and Google. Yeah, he's a big deal.


But Brogan’s company, Human Business Works, doesn't just serve corporate juggernauts. It also helps small businesses and solo entrepreneurs act on a community-centered approach to boost business. His company offers publications, online courses, and in-person training. He doesn't just have answers. He has proven solutions that could work for you.

That's what has propelled Brogan to the top of the online blogging and entrepreneurial space. Besides working as CEO and president of Human Businesses Works, he publishes Owner magazine and delivers anticipated keynote speeches at conferences worldwide. With a massive following, Brogan has earned the respect and admiration of entrepreneurs everywhere.


In this interview you will learn:

- Content marketing and the future of blogging

- What it really means to develop deep relationships with your customers and how?

- What influences Chris's business decisions

- Community building 101

- How Chris has become an extremely influential marketer, blogger & entrepreneur online


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