The Foundr Podcast with Nathan Chan

Well before sunrise each day, Ari Meisel wakes up.


The 30-year-old serial entrepreneur, husband, and father rises at 5:30 each morning to get started on the day's work. Along with business and blogging, he helps to take care of his three young children.


Ari has a lot to juggle. But that doesn't faze him – after starting a series of successful businesses and even battling Crohn's disease, he holds a perspective of relentless optimism and a drive to help others. In an interview, Foundr publisher Nathan Chan asked him, “Do you ever feel overwhelmed?”


“No,” Ari replied. “No, I never feel overwhelmed – ever.”


Balancing his personal and professional lives, Ari is a productivity expert and writes on the subject at his blog, The Art of Less Doing.


“The Art of Less Doing was born of this desire to help people free up as much time as they could possibly free up in order to reclaim their own minds and do the things that they want to do,” Ari says. “So I basically have been helping people optimize, automate, and outsource everything in their lives.”


Ari has a deep understanding of how to put those words into action. Entrepreneurial ambition and medical challenges have fed his knowledge and led him to develop practical productivity strategies for overcoming the obstacles that stand in his way – as well as those that block others.




In this interview you will learn:




- The latest tools Ari uses to automate his life and business


- Life hacks that you need to apply straight away to save massive amounts of time


- How Ari Miesel overcame Crohns disease


- Success mindsets


- Entrepreneurial tips


- & Much more


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