The Foundr Podcast with Nathan Chan

Growth Hacker TV launched on May 1st of last year and has taken the entrepreneurial world by storm. Co-founder Bronson Taylor has suddenly provided a place where experts on startup growth reveal their secrets and we are eating it up!

But Bronson, ever humble, shares his remarkable success as the tale of two brothers with a dream: “About four years ago, I guess, my brother and I decided to start a company. So we started a company called Dumb Punk and it was a web development shop,” he says. “But we were a couple of nobodies with no track record. Nobody knew about us.”

Bronson and his brother began their initial business driving around, visiting local businesses with poorly-made websites, selling web development services completely cold.

“That’s how we started,” admits Bronson, “which is kind of ridiculous, but we finally got enough clients that we were able to create a little business out of that and then we got more and more into products and then eventually some of the stuff that you see now with Growth Hacker TV.”


In this interview you will learn:


- Some of the best growth hacking tools out there right now

-Top strategies and tactics for growth

-What it takes to become a successful entrepreneur

-How to get insane amounts of PR for your startup

-How to capture gold user feedback

-How to create a launch loop to make your launch go viral


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