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You’ve heard data has the power to make or break a business. Nobody knows this more than Anne Wojcicki, co-founder of biotech giant 23andMe. After 15 years of leveraging data to build a game-changing company, Wojcicki made headlines this summer when she became the latest self-made billionaire in the United States. 


In this episode of the Foundr podcast, learn how the newly minted billionaire built 23andMe from the ground upplus what the company plans to do next with all that genomic data. Foundr’s Nathan Chan sat down to chat with Wojcicki about: 


  • The moment that inspired her to pursue “the solution to life” 
  • How she became the first woman to achieve billionaire status via a SPAC merger
  • What it took to provide consumers with never-before-seen access to their genomic data 
  • The marketing plan that inspired customers to buy a product they didn’t know they needed 
  • How she grew her company from a tiny crew in a roof-less “office” to a team of more than 600 
  • What 23andMe plans to do with the genomic data from 11.6 million people and counting 
  • And much more…
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