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Daniel Flynn started his mission-driven business with the simple question of “what if?” 13 years later and $13M donated, Thankyou is changing the way suppliers and consumers select products. From the early days of getting “nos” to competing against the world’s biggest consumer brands, Thankyou is now evolving its model to serve more people at a scalable rate. 


Listen to Daniel and Nathan discuss:

  • The early days of Thankyou and the naivety of the business world
  • Creating a viral campaign for a pitch meeting with 7/11 
  • The difficulty of running a business that exists to give
  • Launching into competitive product categories 
  • Donating $10M in 2021 from their most profitable year ever
  • Writing his book Chapter One: You Have the Power to Change Stuff 
  • Getting interviewed by President Obama 
  • Visiting Seth Godin’s house
  • And much more mission and business lessons…


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