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Lisa Bilyeu and her husband built Quest Nutrition into a billion-dollar company, but she never expected to be an entrepreneur and business influencer. But, after years of telling herself that she could only be a stay-at-home wife, Lisa found her self-confidence to help create Quest Nutrition and start her media company, Impact Theory. She now hosts a weekly YouTube show, podcast, and released a book called Radical Confidence, focusing on empowering women in business. 


Listen to Nathan and Lisa discuss: 

  • The early days of Quest Nutrition and what worked
  • How their PB&J flavored Quest Bar was created by accident 
  • The decision to sell Quest and invest in Impact Theory
  • How she overcame her fear of public speaking
  • Why she dresses for battle like Wonder Woman
  • Building Impact Theory from home 
  • How to create a “no judgment journal"
  • Tools to combat negative self-talk
  • And much more business mindset advice…


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