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Everyone kept telling Phil Hutcheon “that's just how it is” when it comes to the absurd processing fees for concert tickets. That's why Phil started Dice, a platform for fans to see the musicians they love in the most hassle-free way possible. Since its launch in 2013, Dice has raised over $100M in capital, has more than 380 workers, and is expanding its services globally. From testing the business idea with a fake company to phone calls with Kayne West, Hutcheon built Dice into a commerce engine for the music industry.


Listen to Nathan and Phil discuss: 

  • Why he rejected a promotion to start a career in music 
  • Building the Modular Records sound through legendary parties
  • Bootstrapping his music management company Deadly People 
  • Testing a ticketing model with a fake company
  • Scoring the first contracts for Dice
  • Why it took 3.5 years to build out Dice’s discovery feature
  • Working with artists like Adele and Kayne West
  • Raising over $100M in capital after a slow start
  • And much more fundraising advice…




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